"Gender variant/nonconforming women" is increasingly common TERF code phrase for AFAB trans people.

If someone isn’t a woman… they aren’t a woman, people.


A doctor who sees an M on a trans woman’s sheets is going to assume her body works exactly like a cis man’s body even if she’s been on estrogen for years, even if she’s modified her body, even if her body already operates differently (say due to intersex status)

That doctor will not give her good care.

Please don’t pretend that writing an M on your sheet as a trans woman will benefit us in the least bit. Sex dimorphic theory is trash to begin with, a Two Size Fits All bullshit approach in medical science and doctors follow it more unthinkingly than Dick Dorkins writes creepy evolution sex poetry to all the women who would never touch his wrinkly sad penis.

Writing M or F will not benefit us medically. Neither will. So I write F because Fuck Yourselves, Cis People

cisnormative terminology that needs to stop



"female/male bodied": 

  • I’m a man, this is my body. It doesn’t matter what I was assigned at birth, this is my body and I am a man, and therefore this body is a man’s body, and therefore a male body
  • this is erasure of intersex people
  • this is erasure of nonbinary people
  • you don’t actually give a shit about gender, you’re asking about genitals, and unless you’re a doctor it’s none of your fucking business
  • and if you ARE a doctor, you need to figure your shit out so you don’t alienate your trans patients and make them less likely to seek medical help due to dysphoria
  • the term you’re looking for is "assigned female/male at birth" or "afab/amab"

"born a man/woman" (also "used to be a woman/man"):

  • trans people weren’t born cis people and then turned trans; just because it takes us a while to figure out who we are doesn’t mean we were ever somebody else
  • society is cisnormative, and lies to people, and pretends that trans identities don’t exist and aren’t valid, telling trans people that they are cis over and over again since birth like a mantra, so trans people internalize that and believe it, until the evidence to the contrary piles up so high they can’t deny it anymore. That evidence has been piling up since birth; trans people were never cis people
  • this is erasure of intersex people
  • this is erasure of nonbinary people
  • using these terms incorrectly makes it impossible to use them correctly for nonbinary people who DO identify as having started out as one thing and changed to something else
  • the term you’re looking for is “raised as a man/woman”

"male/female parts/genitalia":

  • again, I’m a man, these are my parts, therefor they are male parts, everybody needs to get the fuck over it
  • Yes, I have breasts and that gives me dysphoria and I want them removed, THANKS FOR REMINDING ME, but they are male breasts
  • Yes I have a vagina. Again, this gives me dysphoria, you are an asshole for reminding me. Again, it is a male vagina since I am a man
  • this is erasure of intersex people
  • this is erasure of nonbinary people
  • Unless you are a doctor my genitals are none of your fucking business
  • If you ARE a doctor, you need to start using medical terminology right now, because you’re a medical professional so I think you can use the word “penis” and “vagina” without melting like the Wicked Witch of the West
  • Doctors using this kind of incorrect terminology are alienating their trans patients and making them less likely to seek medical help due to dysphoria. Trans people already have ENOUGH trouble with getting medical help, don’t fuck it up more
  • the term you’re looking for is "penis/vagina/uterus/genitals" or "testes/ovaries" or (and this one’s easy) "chest"

"female/male hormones":

  • cis men and cis women BOTH have estrogen and progesterone and testosterone. Intersex people have all of these hormones naturally as well
  • there are cis women who have high levels of testosterone and low levels of estrogen and progesterone, and there are cis men with high levels of estrogen and progesterone and low levels of testosterone
  • these hormones are not specific to one sex or another, and DEFINITELY not specific to one gender or another
  • this term is hurtful not only to trans people but also people with pcos, people who are undergoing or have gone through menopause, and other medical causes for variations in hormone levels
  • this is erasure of intersex people
  • this is erasure of nonbinary people
  • the terms you are looking for, shockingly enough, are "estrogen" "progesterone" and “testosterone”

(╯◎皿◎)╯︵ ┻━┻

All cis followers please read this.



Like. You people remember the agender kid that got set on fire for wearing a skirt and being DMAB. If you’re going to talk about nonbinary dressing femininely you should probably mention DMAB people being like. Murdered. and not just DFAB people being called transtrenders or whatever.

Link to article.

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Like 75% of the times on this website people say straight they mean cishet.

"LGBT spaces aren’t for straight people" are you sure it’s an LGBT space then? :P


Hi everyone plz stop re blogging that Robert Jensen “toxic masculinity” quote because he’s a TERF and that quote is therefore implicitly transphobic cuz he includes transwomen in his definition of men. Stop re blogging transphobia. Thanks.




It amazes me that cis people think they aren’t transphobic when it takes years for trans people to unlearn internalized transphobia

and that’s when they’re actively educating themselves, thinking about it constantly, and have intense motivation to unlearn that shit. Cis people? Do nothing of the kind and have no such motivation. 

Exactly why every cis person whose says they are not transphobic is lying.

Transgender cheering for censoring women needs to stop






Also here’s a reminder that appropriately inappropriate is a stalker who stalks trans women and made sock puppets for this particular purpose, but was caught admitting to which sock puppets she had.

I will say that it is possible to internalize self hatred that intense. The thankfully limited experiences I had with HBSers has them taking the approach that there is a concrete difference between transgender and transsexual and as you can see auntyorthodox very carefully marked herself as transsexual and everyone else as transgender.

To them transgender is the falsehood, non female, non woman, male and men. To them transsexuality is the reality, female, woman, not male or men. They do this by appropriating intersex experiences to lay a claim to an intersex brain condition (Harry Benjamin Syndrome was the first invocation of this really problematic theory, hence HBSer) and believe that somehow makes them different.

In reality they still have the same bodies that we have and their attacks would still hit them, making them male as well. But they ignore reality and create a denial based separation to try to divert hatred from them to easier targets and allow them to slip into the masses of cis people unnoticed.

They’re a holdover from the 70s, possibly earlier.

Wow… if Auntyorthodox isn’t a sockpuppet, I feel really, really bad for the awful life and piles of self-loathing she must have lead to make her side with TERFs who actively call for the deaths of trans people, rather than actual trans people. I mean, I’ve seen some trans women put out the argument “we have male biology,” which I don’t agree with but can understand where they’re coming from. But she isn’t just arguing in her posts that trans women have male anatomy, but that we’re male.

What the fuck?!

I see this claim about radical feminists calling for the death of trans people all the time, but I’ve never actually seen a radical feminist say anything like that. So where is this happening?

Transmisogynist Exterminationist Radical Feminists (TERFs because some radical feminists are ok? And not transmisogynist? It’s not common though.) generally use very subtle language.

"Morally mandating out of existence"

"You don’t exist and you shouldn’t exist"

A lot of it orientates around denial of resources. They speak with their actions more than their words. Denial of medical care (esp transition care, Janice Raymond’s writings are the driving force behind defunding any and all trans healthcare and why we’re still fighting even now to have any sort of insurance coverage and mind you she purposefully wrote this proposal to the US government to do this), denial of housing and employment (radscum like to out trans women, knowing this will result in the denial of those two, they often even admit they know trans women don’t get jobs when we’re known to be trans), denial of bathroom use (Cathy Brennan teamed up with an ex Gay org to harass a minor in a hoax about that young girl that claimed she was harassing cis girls in the bathroom. The ex gay org later claimed our very existence is harassment. She cosigned this. Most terfs cosign this.)

That actually brings me to one of the other exterminationist phrases. That our very existence is harassment, rape and danger. We’re banned from women only spaces regularly, even though we face more rape and more dv and more harassment (including by cis women instead of vice versa, not just by cis and trans men) and expected to be among men where we’re in even more danger than cis women of similar other oppressions.

Basically all of these terfs’ actions orientate around destroying us. So they don’t outright state that they want all trans women to die but everything they do is designed to kill us through denial of necessary survival needs or by putting us in dangerous situations where violence will happen.

I find the whole “exterminating us through actions rather than words” far more terrifying than “calling for our destruction in words alone”.

But I guess that’s just me.

Kinsey beat me to it, but yes: Most TERFs are all to happy to murder trans women at range to keep their hands clean. They try to keep us out of jobs, out of homes, away from medical care, and out of shelters, preferring to let cold or starvation or illness or our own hopelessness make the final blow, but if you think for a second that there wouldn’t be more trans women alive today if not for TERFs battling hard to keep us at the periphery of society, then you’re deluding yourself.

And then of course, there are those times when they say it out loud, collected over the years from some of my favorites:

"They expect we’ll be shocked to see statistics about them being killed, and don’t realize, some of us wish they would ALL be dead."

"Fucking mutants. When will there ever be a male-only deadly disease taking over the earth to put them out of their misery, huh?"

"If we’re going that road, why not just cull boy babies for awhile? Re-establish a sane balance. Then we can start selective breeding programs for donor males…"

"It might be well and good to “educate” them but that seems to take decades. Only if you are dedicated to educating the Terminally Stupid should you embark on this…Detachment is the key to emotional survival in a world plagued by males. Otherwise you really do just want to shoot them on sight."

"Fed up with those fucking trannies saying they are womyn. They need to get blasted too. They’re men."

"Not at all, Maggie. In fact, I’m one of those bad, shameful feminists who wish we could all just kill the fuckers."





"terfs are incapable of oppressing trans women!!!!" lol

lmfao @  trans exclusionary radical feminists saying “why are you so mad at us go be mad at the men who physically attack you instead. we just theoretically dont want you to exist”

its like wow yeah it’s very harmless when you actively try to “morally mandate [transgender people] out of existence” through cool and awesome nonviolent means like completely fictionalizing inflammatory accounts of children being uncomfortable around their transgender peers [1] and feeding them to [2] extremist christian news sources [3], the daily mail [4] and fox news to try and propagandize the panicked opposition to lawmaking efforts [5] that would decriminalize the existence of transgender people and increase safety for trans people, including students and children [6]

like hahaa yeah the way you intentionally lie to attack the safety of children is really harmless!!!! i love how radical feminists expose children to potentially violent situations [7] and make them want to kill themselves in order to further their own political aims!! [8]

i also love it when radical feminists call the workplaces [9] and health care providers [10] of trans people to try and financially attack them or prevent them from having access to medicine!! it makes me very happy when radical feminists try and use institutionalized police harassment as a tool to ruin the lives of alienated transgender sex workers [11] thats very cool and nonviolent as well :)

i should totally not be angry about how you try to hurt kids man!!! because you only support the harm of children in the coolest and most modern ways that are definitely way more acceptable in our society!! i would say you attack the safety of children in possibly THE most modern way and i do respect your openly expressed desire to place your theoretical gender politics above the safety of children!!!

its SO GREAT AND HARMLESS that terfs try to contextualize their violence against trans people in ways that society might deem more acceptable!!!! i love how you try to hide your manipulative and abusive behavior behind a veil of theoretical politics its very cute and loveable!! because when you intentionally try to conceal the harm you’re doing people are less likely to oppose you which is great!!! its almost like you’re not actively trying to destroy people’s lives!!! let’s all shut up so trans exclusionary radical feminists can attack the existence of women and children!!! because it’s harmless and that’s what they love to do!!

Janice Raymond is literally the reason we can’t have nice things. Like medical care.

And there you go



isn’t it funny how you can say “pizza is important” or “friends are important” and nobody has any beef with that but as soon as you say “trans women are important” people are so fucking desperate to yell “dont you mean EVERYBODY is important????”

*cis voice* i think u are generalizing here

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